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Weight Care

Working together we can help end pet obesity

90% of pet parents with an overweight pet don’t realize it. [1] Your care is essential to ending the pet obesity epidemic.

Make the weight loss conversation a positive one

Tell pet parents they’re not alone, and that getting started helping their pet achieve a healthy weight could be as easy as changing their food.

Laptop with Quick Reco tool

An easier way to create your recommendation

Calculate healthy weight & feeding costs with our easy-to-use Quick Reco tool. 

Quick Reco

Feeding the love. Losing the weight.

Help pet parents understand how extra treats and people food can add up over time. Post these stories to your clinic’s social media channels to raise awareness about pet obesity.

Questions? We have answers.

Our free consultancy service for veterinary professionals can help. Contact us and we'll help find the right Hill’s pet foods for your patients.

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