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Sensitivities Care

Putting scratching to rest

Hill's Prescription Diet is bigger and better than ever with expansive varieties of nutrition for food and environmental sensitivities.

Help your patients rest easy from sensitivities

Our delicious portfolio supports long-term results for food and environmental sensitivities.

Nutritional support for food and environmental sensitivities

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Prescription Diet Derm Complete

Breakthrough nutrition for dogs with both food and environmental sensitivities.

  • Single, novel animal protein to help avoid adverse reactions to food
  • Visible skin improvement in 21 days in dogs with food sensitivities
  • Nutrition shown to reduce night scratching and improve sleep quality

  • Supports the skin barrier against environmental irritants –- year round

    See Derm Complete

Prescription Diet z/d Low Fat

NEW clinical nutrition for dogs with concurrent food and fat sensitivities.

  • Highly digestible, hydrolyzed soy protein and low in fat

  • Formulated without intact animal protein sources

  • Rich in omega-6, and 3 fatty acids from fish oil

  • Unique prebiotic blend to fuel activity of beneficial gut bacteria

    See z/d Low Fat

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Cat looking up at food bowl

Prescription Diet z/d

Hill’s hydrolyzed dog food and Hill’s hydrolyzed cat food helps avoid food sensitivities in pets.

  • Highly hydrolyzed animal protein and single carbohydrate source

  • Promote a healthy skin barrier

  • Formulated to help improve digestion and stool quality

    See z/d

Prescription Diet d/d

Limited ingredient formula to support pets with food sensitivities.

  • Limited ingredient nutrition with single, intact animal protein

  • Formulated to nourish and condition the skin with visible improvement

  • Supports digestion and stool quality

  • High levels of Omega-3 fatty acids

    See d/d

Pet parent walking with dog through woods

Feeding recommendations made easy

No matter which nutrition you recommend for food and environmental sensitivities, Hill’s Quick Reco is a free tool for vets associated with a clinic to make recommendations fast, reliable and comprehensible for pet parents. 

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See how Derm Complete works

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