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We’re creating more ways to support you and your recommendations

  • Redesigned Packaging

    Our new bags feature easy-to-explain benefits

  • Hill’s Quick Reco

    This tool offers quick, personalized nutrition plans

  • Our Best Taste Technology

    With taste pets love, you can recommend with confidence

  • Advertising to Pet Parents

    We’re encouraging pet parents to come talk to you


See what’s new with your patient’s food

Some Prescription Diet foods have optimized ingredients and kibble shape for great taste. Search now to see what’s changing. Some formula changes may require transition feeding.

For more information please reference the Product Change Guide.

Frequently asked questions

Change often comes with questions, so here are some ways to address pet parent concerns:

  • Why Is Hill’s Relaunching Prescription Diet?

    Strengthening the holistic Prescription Diet brand experience in an online first world, making it simpler for vets to recommend and pet parents to choose our brand via modern packaging, strong clinical evidence and emotional messaging.

  • What is changing?

  • How is the packaging changing?

    We have done a lot of research to understand the pet parent as well as the veterinarians and optimize our packaging designs for both online and in the clinic. We have a new simple and clean design that is easier to shop online as we increased the category descriptor as well as color blocking and the alpha codes. We have highlighted our Hill’s credentials by giving them more prominence. Each product package is differentiated with unique pet images on the front as well as bringing the science to life in an easy way on the back panel. On the back of the pack, we have one core main claim on the top and we are explaining the benefits of our products with succinct statements on how it helps and how the formula works. These top three claims were based on insights and we included icons to help provide clarity and understanding.


Email, download or print these resources to help with your conversation and encourage pet parent follow-through.

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Customize your patient’s plan with Hill’s Quick Reco

Hill’s Quick Reco makes it easy to create a feeding plan for your patient during their appointment and communicate to pet parents the importance of feeding the right food.

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Benefits beyond better nutrition

Help your patients get the nutrition they need, plus get discounts for your clinic’s staff.

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Hill’s Retail Order

To have your recommendation on hand, order Hill's nutrition for your clinic.


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VIP Market

Try Hill’s for your own pet and get discounts on every order. Plus, shipping to your clinic is free.

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Veterinary Consultation Service

Have a question about Hill’s nutrition for a patient? Contact our free Veterinary Consultation Service.

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